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Brilliantly made Star Wars propaganda posters for both the Rebel Alliance and the the Imperial Forces. Designer Cliff Chiang created the designs for the new Star Wars Galaxy 5 trading cards from Topps.

Cliff Chiang explains:

I recently drew a set of 3 Imperial Propaganda posters for the new Star Wars Galaxy 5 trading card set. I hadn’t intended to do more than one, but the ideas came fast and furious and the editor loved them all. This enlistment poster [above] was actually based on an old war bonds poster. While using Nazi propaganda would’ve been appropriate, it was actually more engaging for me to try and create posters that cast the Empire as saviors of the galaxy, especially on the heels of the Death Star 9/11 short.

View more design below:

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Posted by wezzo On September - 13 - 2010

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